Compare And Contrast Thomson And Ruther

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I am going to be writing about democritus, J.J Thomson, E. Rutherford, N. Bohr, and Schrodinger. The reason why they are all in this report is because they contributed to the modern atomic model. First off Democritus is well known because he is the first person to think that there is a smaller thing than protons, neutrons, electrons. Next I’m gonna talk about J.J. Thomson, he discovered the electron, he found a way to make people understand why cathode rays were negatively charged, and he realized that the accepted model of an atom neither had a negative or positive charge. E. rutherford also was a big part of the modern atomic model because he actually overturned Thomson's model when he did an experiment that helped people understand that the atom has a tiny and heavy nucleus and he made an experiment that used the alpha particles made by a radioactive element.…show more content…
Bohr is well known for his amazing research on the structure of the atom, he thought that maybe the hydrogen atom was based on the quantum theory that energy can only be transferred in one way, and he also thought that E. rutherford model had some problems, so he fixed
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