Compare And Contrast Thoreau And Transcendentalism

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The creation of the idea of progress as the rightness of human society led philosophers towards the notion that the human mind could solve every problem, including the ordering of government and self. Thoreau thought wildlife was very important. He was a transcendentalist and they believed that people should go with their immediate thoughts, the first things that come to mind, rather than science, facts, and reasoning. He believed nature had authority and even lived in the wilderness for two years. He wrote a book called Walden that narrated his two year stay in the woods without any human contact or support. Thoreau's views was engaged around the fact that nature holds all truth, and people can only attempt to find that truth when he or she is fully wrapped up in nature. This is the reason he stayed for two years by himself in the woods. However, the transcendentalists were also partial romantics, who were wanderers that could never find what they were looking for. He was searching for full truth, but he never found an answer. Henry David Thoreau, he assumed that people should be self-sufficient and live a carefree lifestyle. He believed that people should stand up for their civil rights, but he did not think it was necessary to use forcefulness to encourage opinions or protests. Because of his personal faith in independence leads him to his journey to isolation in the woods.
He was best known for his book Walden, a reflection upon simple

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