Compare And Contrast Tibet And America

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Tibet a country in pursuit of peace and faith. American a country in the pursuit of freedom and happiness. Both of these countries were pushed to the brink by outlying nations, using them for their own personal benefits and not accounting for the people who occupy there spaces. America was a country ruled over by the tyranny of the British Empire, enforcing laws that had no place on American soil such as passing a famous law in in 1773 giving the British East India Company tax-free status in the colonies. All other tea continued to be taxed, and American tea companies couldn't compete (Mueller). Leading to the Boston Tea Party and later the Revolutionary War. Tibet’s relationship with China had spread across centuries, “His Holiness (13th Dali Lama) described the relationship with the Manchu emperors as a "patron-priest" relationship, which was something significant in the histories of both Tibet and China, going back to the time of Genghis Khan” (O’Brien), this all changed when China took hold of Tibet through military action, and imposing there will on the Tibetan people until 1912. After both…show more content…
All declarations of independence share something in common, they are there to tell the world and the people of their nation what rights they have, and how things should be governed, and the American and Tibetan Declarations of Independence are no different. But what is different is how each declaration goes about relaying the message to the people and getting the support they need. We saw that the Tibetan declaration relied more on the spirituality of Buddhism and the hope of people falling in line to support what is a very important belief system in their culture to the American declaration trying not to only gather support among the citizens of America but to gather support and sympathy in their cause from the whole world. In the end both these documents got their messages out but both very different
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