Compare And Contrast To His Coy Mistress And To The Virgins

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In both “To the Virgins, To Make Much of Time” and “To His Coy Mistress” the topic of seduction is present. In Herrick’s poem the speaker urges the maidens to “be not coy…and while ye may, go marry” (13-14). The speaker suggests to the young maidens that being coy will postpone any prospects of marrying young. The speaker encourages these young women to use their youth, beauty, and femininity and seduce a possible suitor. He implies that being excessively flirtatious without the result of marriage will leave unmarried and miserable. The speaker is not only instructing the virgins to seduce but seduce with marriage in mind. Unlike Herrick’s seduction with the intent of marriage, Marvell’s speaker seduces his lover without the thought of marriage.…show more content…
Time. In both of these poems, there is an emphasis on time or the lack of time. In Herrick’s work, the speaker uses symbolism to describe time. He says, “And this same flower that smiles today/ Tomorrow will be dying” (Herrick 809). The flower represents girls who are young and beautiful. The speaker personifies the flower to illustrate how young girls are smiling brightly and happy in their prime. The dying of the flower is the death of youth and the beginning of aging. Once aged it is harder for women to find potential suitors for marriage; this is a warning from the speaker to the young maidens. While Herrick’s speaker uses time as a notice for inevitable aging Marvell’s speaker uses the lack of time as the reason to consummate their love. To the speaker of Marvell’s work time is both precious and viewed as an enemy. The speaker states, “Had we but world enough, and time/ this coyness, lady, were no crime” (Marvell 826). The speaker tells the women he loves that if he had an indefinite amount of time and space he can accept her reluctance to sleep with him. Her coyness is seen as a crime because it is wasting time he does not have; the time he would rather spend with her in bed. To the man flirtation has gone on longer than he would have liked and he is starting to view her as a criminal. A criminal who arouses him and denies him his pleasures. However, he makes her seem less like a criminal by assuring that if it had not been for the issue of time he would happily partake in endless flirtations. Because of the lack of time, an action must happen
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