Compare And Contrast To Kill A Mockingbird And The Silver Star

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Many books and stories demonstrate the maturing of children by experiencing what life beyond childhood is and how that affects their relationships and behavior. The stories To Kill a Mockingbird and the Silver Star best show the effect of growing up through experiencing the realities of life. To Kill a Mockingbird shows the maturity of a young girl named Scout who lives during the Great Depression when her father takes the job of defending a black man. Even though The Silver Star does not take place during the depression it still shows the maturity of two girls (Liz and Bean) when they become involved in a major court case in their new, small town. A comparison of the two books shows how the ideas of children are affected by the people around…show more content…
Although, they have this ideology, the Silver Star and To Kill a Mockingbird have two different themes. The Silver Star shows a theme of courage and what it involves. It demonstrates the theme when Bean and her sister stand up to a powerful mill owner: Maddox. The story also uses symbolism to express the theme with the Silver Star, a medal that Bean’s father had earned. It is used in the title to represent the courage that the girls had to face throughout the book. The story shows what Bean thought a Silver Star that her father received from war represented and thought that her sister had deserved the star because of the bravery that she showed. In chapter 56 of the book, it states, “I felt no right to earn it (the silver star). Liz certainly had, not just for everything she'd gone through but for protecting me.” This shows the bravery that Bean thought towards her sister and how it expresses the theme. The story To Kill a Mockingbird, although, shows a theme that expresses innocents. This is expressed in the book when a black man is put on trial for crimes that he did not commit, but was at court because of the racism from the town. It also shows innocence with a character, Arthur Radley that the town feared for rumors based on him, but were later proven false during the book. This shows that the character was innocent, but people still feared him. The story, like the Silver Star, uses symbolism through the title: To Kill a Mockingbird, in the story to portray the theme. The novel states, “Shoot all the bluejays you want, if you can hit ‘em, but remember it’s a sin to kill a Mockingbird.” This shows how something that is innocent like a Mockingbird should not be killed. The themes that the two novels depict, show the maturity of the characters in the story and what they learn throughout the

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