Compare And Contrast Transformational And Team Approaches To Healthcare

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Transformational and Team Approaches to Healthcare Transformational and team approaches provide examples of two variations for approaching leadership. Each approach has valid applications for addressing the changing dynamics of the United States healthcare system. Both transformational and team centered approaches have been examined as methods for progressively helping healthcare organizations to navigate the evolving operational complexities in order to remain viable. The purpose of this paper is to examine the transformational and the team centered approaches, in relationship to a healthcare setting, with attention to gender influences and the impact on organizational effectiveness. Transformational Approach The transformational approach to leadership embodies a person with a particular skill set, focused on change, and capable of motivating staff members, in pursuit of organizational effectiveness. Newcomb (2005) asserts four components comprise the transformational leader’s drive for change: the components are continuous assessment, a future oriented plan, the ability to garner and create support, and the skill to execute the plan. In other words, an individual with a transformational…show more content…
Furthermore, these entities can no longer sustain the expenses associated with modern technology and other medical demands (Cosgrove, 2011). As a result, modern day healthcare organizations are facing the need to innovatively transform current methods of care delivery. In this scenario, a large healthcare organization in the United States, comprised of multiple inpatient hospitals, primary care clinics, and outpatient facilities must reorganize and design a plan capable of meeting the complicated demands of a shifting medical

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