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For this assessment I am required to undertake an essay on two educational theorists that if have studied in this case the two educational theorists are Maria Montessori and Frederick Froebel. This will involve an in-depth evaluation and comparison of the two theorists under the following headings their philosophies, their contribution to early childhood education in terms of their approach and implementation and my personal thoughts on their approaches to helping the development of young children but also in educating young children.
Maria Montessori approach had respect for children as individuals. She monitored the children’s reaction through their primary senses such as self confidence and independence and their natural curiosity to learn. She observed in young children the situation she called absorbent mind. Children learn from their everyday surroundings. ”The most important period of life is not the age of university studies but the period of birth to age six”. She studied that between conception to age four 50% of mature intelligence is developed and from ages four to eight 30% is developed. in Montessori schools the teacher in the classroom allows every child to pick activities which interest them [Montessori country school, 2017].
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She did not believe in testing children as it would damage and portray negative thoughts in their minds. Children are in control of their own environments, which has dramatically prepared for them to be stimulating, comfortable and to encourage independence by giving them the tools and responsibility to manage its upkeep. This is a child centred approach. When Maria noticed that equipment and furnishings were only suitable for adults she designed her own ones suitable for children. Today they are used in all Montessori schools [O Shea,
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