Compare And Contrast Vesuvius And Mount St Helens

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olcanoes Volcanos are beautiful yet discursive. They may have different effects on towns but some are similar, and some are different. Some may have an effect on both people and cities and the people's mindsets may change on their beloved homes.
There are two very well known and pretty much legendary volcanoes, Mount Vesuvius and Mount St Helens. They may seem different and they are, but they are the same too, for instance both Mount vesuvius and Mount St Helens are both stratovolcanoes,they’re also both “claimed to be complex volcanoes”. Both volcanoes had their major eruption after lying dormant for more than 10 years, and their major eruptions caused more than half of pompeii and and to go to rubble. Both also erupted more than once and changed civilization and most of all the people’s perspectives on the “Smoking Mountains” all stated on These volcanoes also both destroyed civilization and they both had a major impacted on their cities and towns they destroyed. In states that both volcanoes
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St.Helens is almost twice the elevation of vesuvius, and “Mt st helens is also almost 23,000 years older than vesuvius. St helens first eruptions of st helens occurred almost 40,000 years ago, and over time those grew into an eruptive series,” this info was according to Finally Mount St helens is “exuptive volcanic cone built from over layered ash, pumice, lava flows and volcanic domes and other deposits.” However mount Vesuvius is “part of Campanian Volcanic Arc this is a of line of volcanoes formed over substances zone created by convergence of African and Eurasian
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