Compare And Contrast Washington Vs. B Dubois

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Nalani Thomas
Mrs. White
CENG 105
19 April 2016 Booker T. Washington vs. W.E.B Du Bois
Booker T. Washington was known as a teacher, writer, and spokesperson for African Americans. However, his plan for African Americans is not one that I particularly agree with. Although W.E.B Du Bois was not on the same level as Washington and not as respected, his plan of action was one that I in fact do agree with. Washington’s plan consisted of African Americans giving up the fight for their civil rights and continuing to depend on the white man. Du Bois on the other hand, had a plan of action. His disagreement with Washington was not just because he disliked Washington but more because he saw him as a sellout. Du Bois
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Although Du Bois new that jobs and education were a good thing he didn’t feel like it was enough and he made sure to voice that. Du Bois believed that, African Americans rights and self-worth was more important and education would come with their rights, which is completely right. Du Bois plan was to fight for political power first, that way there is African Americans in office to let the African Americans voices be heard and let them have some say in the decisions being made about them. Once they received political power they then would fight for civil rights because once they received political power it would be harder for them to deprive African Americans of their rights when there is an African American in office with higher power. Du Bois then felt that once the political power and civil right were received then the fight for higher education for the African American youth would be the next battle. Once you have rights and political power to make decisions he felt higher education could be received and never taken from them again. Du Bois plan was problematic but…show more content…
While Washington wanted to be passive and still have them live as if they were still enslaved, Du Bois wanted to be active and give them the ultimate meaning of the word freedom. Washington felt like giving in and compromising with the white folks was the best approach whereas Du Bois felt that the best approach now that they had freedom was to obtain political power, receive equal civil rights and a higher education for blacks. Du Bois focused on giving African Americans what they had been working so hard for and Washington’s focus was pleasing the white man. Washington may have had good intentions but I don’t believe his plan of “action” was active enough. Therefore, I believe that W.E.B Du Bois plan was overall better and more efficient to cover all the bases of truly being
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