Compare And Contrast Weather And Weather

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People often confuse between climate and weather- the two really are quite different. Weather describes the atmospheric condition over a short period of time that is from day to day or week to week. While climate describes average conditions over a long period of time. Step out and you experience many facets of weather. Air temperature and pressure, humidity, wind speed and direction, cloud type and cover and the amount and form of precipitation are all the characteristics of the momentary conditions we call weather. The sun is ultimately responsible for the weather. The rays from sun are absorbed differently by land and water surfaces, equal amounts of solar radiation heat the ground more quickly than they do water. Differential warming in…show more content…
However, these are categorized based on the amount of rainfall rather than by landforms and can be too hot or cold. Deserts receive less than ten inches of rain per year. Hot deserts like the Sahara and the Arabian Desert regularly have low humidity and high temperatures during the day. At night, there exist a drop in the temperatures because the dry air cannot hold heat well. Cold deserts are found in the mid-latitudes mostly in the Northern Hemisphere and often in the rain shadow of nearby mountain ranges. The temperatures in summer are warm to hot and during winter, the temperatures range from quite cool to below…show more content…
Uncomfortably High Temperatures Causes Shift in Destinations While ski resorts are experiencing lower revenues due to shorter seasons, those that are located in warmer climates are also finding it a problem when there is a rise in temperature to an uncomfortable level. For example, Northern Europeans mostly like to go vacationing during winter in other parts of the world where the weather is usually sunny for most of the year. They would stay outdoors to sunbathe for several hours. However, summer temperatures are likely to rise above 40OC. This level is already is already high for human to still feel comfortable and can lead to heat stress and may even cause fatalities due to stroke. v. Spread of Diseases There are many diseases that thrive on climates which are warmer. Many of them become carried or spread to other countries that did not have them in the past because of the movement of people and goods. For example, the malaria and the dengue-carrying mosquito do not thrive in cold climates. They are found in tropical countries in Southeast Asia and Africa. But with the warming of the globe, suitable environments can be created for them in other nations. vi. Loss of Income for Tourist
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