Compare And Contrast West Side Story And Romeo And Juliet

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The story of Romeo & Juliet by William Shakespeare and the text West Side Story written by Arthur Laurents both approach the two main themes of love and violence. Both stories are much the same in numerous of ways, though their conditions are generations apart. Similarly, the two authors both deal with (other themes,) such as Fate, Honour and Death. Romeo & Juliet and West Side Story separately teach a lesson of how conflict can cause you to learn to hate others instead of learning to love. But the main two characters of each story defy it. Firstly, Love, Hate, Violence and Death is just few of the many themes that William Shakespeare explores in Romeo & Juliet. Romeo & Juliet are the original star-crossed lovers, distanced from each other due to the endless feud between their families. Though they are the least likely people to be with each other, they seem to defy everything their families stand for and learn to love one another. Love and conflict being the strongpoint of themes in the text, but of these themes are not as simple as they seem. William Shakespeare makes these themes more complexed and stretched out. Romeo and Juliet loved each other but were set up to die due to their families blind and ongoing conflict. Now think of these themes as a tree. Hate leading to conflict and love, Conflict and love leading to violence and death. Hate had cause both the conflict and the love between Romeo & Juliet and the endless feud between their families. Romeo had persuaded
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