Compare And Contrast Western And Alternative Medicine

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Western Vs Alternative Medicine – Which is The Best For You?

Imagine this, you’ve just had another visit to your Doctor and been told yet again that your condition hasn’t improved and may even be getting worse. There is nothing they can recommend for you.

You’ve had all the tests, they’ve diagnosed your condition but the only thing they can offer you is a drug that may help relieve your symptoms. And possibly only for the short term at that.

No Wonder Patients are Looking For Another Way!

There is a lot of controversy around whether you should use alternative medicine to deal with a health issue or whether you should stick with Western Medicine.

If you ask most conventionally trained medical practitioners in the West, they will often
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There is a risk that you could have a serious condition that wouldn’t be recognised until its too late if you just rely on alternative treatments.
Alternative Medicines such as homeopathy, aromatherapy and herbal remedies do not have to prove themselves via clinical trials or be subject to such rigorous quality control as pharmaceutical Drugs. Most of the evidence is anecdotal and there is very little evidence to disprove the belief held by many scientists that benefits are purely placebo.
It’s not always the case that alternatives are safe. Certain aromatherapy preparations shouldn’t be used in pregnancy for example and common herbal treatments such as St Johns Wort can interact with prescribed medications.
Western Vs Alternative Medicine – So Which Should You Choose?

As you can see there are positives and negatives to both forms of treatment. When looking to treat any medical condition my advice would be to keep an open mind and investigate all the opportunities available to you. Make sure when looking at alternative treatments you thoroughly research the background and qualifications of the individual you are considering

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