Compare And Contrast Yoga And Exercise

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Alan Lemus Mr. Barrera English 50 M/W 3 October 2016 Compare/Contrast essay: Sports Relaxation When ask about different methods of relaxation most people will most likely think about either yoga, meditation, or even as simple as getting a massage; However, people hardly consider playing a sport as relaxing. A majority of people would assume that being involved in a sport or doing any form of physical activity would be exhausting and not at all relaxing but in fact Partaking in a physical activity like playing a sport can be just as relaxing and beneficial as doing yoga because not only is play a sport beneficial for your physical health but like yoga it can also been proven to help with one's mental health and emotional state of being, also referred to or known as body, mind and energy.…show more content…
The same can be expected though any physical sport. Yoga can be said to help with building strength, flexibility, balance, and decreasing muscle stiffness. Which are wildly possible with most well known sports. Most common sports require one to be active which helps build strength and endurance, improve balance. Just as yoga would, but most importantly overall fitness. By being active you are more likely to get in better shape therefore you can feel great with a boost of self confidence. As a result have the best health possible to fight off illness better. Research shows that regular physical activity can help reduce and prevent one risk for diseases and health conditions and improve overall quality of life. Another similar research stated that the act of playing a sport and being physically active helps the body deliver nutrients and oxygen to one’s tissues that help the cardiovascular system work even more efficiently. And when one’s lungs and heart work more efficiently, There is more energy for one to go about their activities and daily
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