Compare And Contrast Yoga And Meditation Essay

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Nowadays life of people has become quite stressful. To reduce stress people are getting addicted to things like alcohol, tobacco and drugs. People are searching numerous ways to reduce stress. The best way to reduce stress is through meditation and yoga. Meditation and yoga is the complete package through which you can make your life fit, healthy and stress-free. Yoga and meditation when practiced together strengthen the body and mind connection, improving overall fitness and well-being. Both yoga and meditation, when done regularly, has proven to be highly beneficial. Though the practices of yoga and meditation have their roots in ancient cultures, both have become modern day movements.


What Is Meditation?
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Vinyasa Yoga- Vinyasa yoga sometimes often called as power yoga is a well known sequence like the sun salutation, a flowing series of bending, and stretching Asanas. Expect to do standing and seated poses which develops strength, flexibility, and balance.
Iyengar Yoga- This method emphasizes proper alignment to toughen the muscles and support the joints.
Bikram Yoga- Founder Bikram Choudhury created this style of hot yoga in the 1970s. To create the climate as same as above, studios are heated to a sauna to 105 degrees Fahrenheit, with a 40 percent humidity level. Heat loosens your muscles, increasing your ability to stretch.
Kundalini Yoga- This form of yoga was created to energize the body and calm the mind through movement. The chanting of various mantras, and breathing. The goal is to release the energy that kundalini which is stored at the base of the spine.
Ashtanga Yoga- This type of yoga consists of a unvarying sequence of poses. Ashtanga yoga requires strength and perseverance.

Increased Flexibility
Increases muscle strength and

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