Compare And Contrasting The Major Differences Between Informal And Formal Assessment

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The purpose of this essay is to compare and contrast the major differences between formal and informal assessments. Some facts that should be noted about these two assessments are that they are designed to evaluate students. Each assessment evaluates, measures, and gathers information on students. Results obtained are used in a variety of ways to determine students’ academic standings, special education services eligibility and other areas that determine their academic future. There are several differences and similarities, however, the focus of this paper will be on the comparison of major differences between the two assessments. Another important fact is that the two types of tests or evaluations may have long-term or short-term educational…show more content…
Informal assessments can be in many done in many different way. For example, and informal assessment can consist of tracking student behavior to determine if the classroom setting is causing a problem with his grades unlike a formal assessment which will provide a student with an answer sheet and that contain multiple answers. The data that will be collected from an informal assessment would more subjective rather than objective. By this I mean that the score received in a formal assessment can only tell how bad the student is doing, but cannot explain why the student is doing badly in class. Another example of informal assessment is the collection of information in the form of interviews. A teacher can interview the student’s parents and other educators that are involved with the student’s education. After collecting this information, the teacher can assess the results and develop a plan to either change, or improve on a condition that will help the student academically. Standardized tests, on the other hand, cannot provide that information other than compare results of the student to that of his classmates. No viable information can be gathered to help determine if the classroom is what is causing the student to fall

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