Compare And Differences Of The Byzantine And Han Empire

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Byzantine vs Han Dynasty
The Byzantine and Han Dynasty both became successful in similar and yet different ways. Han China and Byzantine empire both rose from of the fall of previous empires. When it came to both the Byzantine empire and the Han Dynasty they both valued their social classes differently. They also had very similar and different aspects when it came to family life. They also had different styles of governments that had some similar aspects.
How both of these civilizations got their beginnings both rose out of the ashes of previous rather successful empires that would lay out the groundwork for both of them. In the Han Dynasty’s case, it became the successor to Qin Dynasty. The Qin Dynasty being a very significant part of China’s history as it brought together the six different kingdoms after the Warring States period in Chinese history. The Qin Dynasty was also the same dynasty that brought forth the idea of the first emperor. After the Qin Dynasty collapsed the Han Dynasty was founded by government official Liu Bang who became emperor of China. According to our Liu Bang adopted the Qin Legalist system. With the Legalist system Liu Bang expanded on it by incorporating the teaching Confucius. Under the Legalist system the emperor had absolute power.1 The only other government officials were two chancellors and nine ministers who were in charge of the nine ministries that helped handle justices, revenue and foreign affairs.2
When it comes to the Byzantine

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