Compare And Differences Of Thomas Muclair And Stephen Harper

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The two Federal political parties that I chose to compare and contrast is Thomas Muclair and Stephen Harper. Thomas Muclair is the NDP. Thomas Muclair is French and tom is English. (Joanna Smith, 2015).I prefer to call Thomas because it sounds better than tom. NDP stands for New Democratic Party. Stephen Harper is the Conservative party. The political party that I agree with is NDP and the political party that I disagree with is Conservative. The reason why I agree with Thomas Muclair is that he’s the right prime minister for Canada because he as PM (Prime Minister) worked for the greatest man in history of NDP Jack Layton in 2007 (Mark Kennedy,2015),Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton supporting the NDP (Jennifer Ditchburn, 2015)…show more content…
65 years old is time that you should retire, not 67.If Stephen Harper win life will be miserable for forever because he’s going to mess up Canada and make it worse. “We need a proper Prime Minister for Canada”. Stephen Harper is evil when he acts like he care, but he doesn’t at all. Do we need this prime minister make our life miserable for rest of the life?. People don’t realize what they’re doing because they don’t understand who’s right prime minster. Thomas Muclair trying to restore the right retiring age and Stephen trying raise the retiring age. It’s really interesting though the NDP makes life happy, but the Conservatives are trying make life worse. Stephen Harper needs to get out of chair and just quit because he has nothing to really say much. “Canada needs to improve more”. To conclude my research report, I would like to say that Thomas Muclair is the future prime Minister of Canada because he has worked with Jack Layton, getting supported by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and protecting the environment. Just imagine Thomas

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