Compare Christianity And Islam

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Byzantine vs Islam Caliphates
Religion was impactful to both the Byzantine Empire and the Islamic Caliphates. How these religions began and changed are very different. Both had an impactful split of religion and government which caused people of the same religion to fight. In addition, people being united by religion caused both of these empires to become global superpowers. In contrast, the role of Christianity and Islam were much different. The Islamic Religion had a belief of "Dar al Isam" which lead the Islamic Caliphates to take over the Byzantine Empire.
To fully understand the role of religion one has to understand how each religion started. Jesus had followers called Apostles which he taught. The Orthodox church came from Jesus Christ and the Apostles. The Apostles appointed successors known as bishops, then those bishops appointed more bishops and so on. That created the Christion church which later split into Catholic and Orthodox. Likewise, Islam started with Muhammad and his dream, people started following him and then his followers wrote down his teachings in the Koran. Then all the tribes in the Arabian Peninsula Muslim Turks united and started to expand their territory. They expanded into Turkey, Northern Africa, and Southern Europe. Both these influential religions and nations both were started by one person, Jesus started Christianity and Muhammad started Islam. Both originated from Abraham, Christianity from his son Isaac and Islam from his son Ishmael, these religions could trace back to Abraham. One difference is, they started at different times, Christianity started around 1 CE while Islam started at 610 CE. Later they both had influential splits.
Both the Byzantine Empire and the Islamic Caliphates both had hugely influential splits. These splits caused people in the religion to fight against people of the same religion. The Byzantines Christianity had a major split between the Roman Catholic church and the Byzantine Orthodox church. The Rome fell to the barbarians not long after the split between Catholic and Orthodox. Rome turned into a bunch of small kingdoms with the pope as the religious leader. While the Byzantine empire stayed strong another 1000 years, and was the Byzantine
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