Compare/Contrast Bill Gates & Steve Jobs Essay

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22 September 2013 Compare/Contrast: Steve Jobs & Bill Gates
Steve Jobs (born in Green Bay, Wisconsin on the 24th of February 1955) is best known as the co-founder & CEO of Apple Computer and somewhat less so for his leadership of Pixar which is a computer animation studio. On the other hand, Bill Gates (born in Seattle, Washington on the 28th of October 1955) is known for the creation of the Windows operating system, as well as being the co-founder and current Chairman and Chief Software Architect of Microsoft.
As stated in the The American Spectator, “As young men born in the same year (1955), they set out from the same starting point, but with radically different personalities. In the early days of personal computers,
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As for Apple, it was co-founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak who is credited with initiating the entry of computers into private homes and he also wrote most of the software that Apple ran. Bill Gates first major achievement was the development of a programming language called “BASIC” for the Altair computer which is the first commercially successful personal computer. As for Steve Jobs, his first big achievement was “Apple II,” which was the most popular and best-selling personal computer during its time. There is a difference between their first achievements because Microsoft first development was a software whereas Apple's first product was a hardware.
As time has passed for both of them, their differences were shown. Since developing the first “Windows” operating system, the Mircosoft team along with Gates has developed multiple operating systems such as “Windows XP” and “Windows 8,” which improved in use and graphical quality, along with the creation and development on the “Xbox,” which was released in 2001, a gaming console created from part of the team. As stated in the Entrepeneur, Apples’s” innovations were just getting started. Over the next decade, the company rolled out a series of revolutionary products, including the iPod portable digital audio player in 2001, an online marketplace called the Apple iTunes Store in 2003, the iPhone handset in 2007 and the iPad tablet computer in 2010” (Staff). This showing just how
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