Essay on Compare/Contrast China and India

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China and India
China and India were both very advanced ancient civilizations. Both agricultural based civilizations made various technological advances. Although China and India shared many similarities, they had differences such as the social system, politics, and the importance of trade in the economy.
The hierarchy of ancient China and India were similar with a noticeable sign of select individuals being considered “higher” then others. The caste system was strict in India and prohibited other classes from interacting with each other. China’s social system differed from India’s caste system, by not demonstrating a formal and strict social ladder. Where in India there existed over three hundred subcastes at one point, China had a
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India and China both strived to further technological innovations to better their civilization and impact the world. A similarity between Indian and Chinese literature was their basis upon poetry. In China and India love and romance literatures were very popular. Astronomers from Ancient China and India made major breakthroughs that still exist to this day. Some of these discoveries included identifying and studying the movement of planets, calculating the rotation of earth on its axis, and predicting and explaining eclipses. To study and learn new information on astronomy the Indians and Chinese used telescopes which were a fairly advance technology for this time. A major intellectual difference between China and India was there mathematical research. Although they both studied math, the Chinese studied math in how things worked such as music. On the other hand the Indians studied “traditional” math or the math most people think about. Although Indian society was not allowed to dissect human bodies, both were able to create new medicine and sterilize medical equipment. Since both were agricultural based societies, they made technological discoveries making farming easier. The Chinese and Indians invented metal tools from iron and steel to help farmers, and created new materials to trade, and other tools to efficiently further research in math and science. China was able to create better technology that was unseen in most parts of the world, which included
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