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Savanah Saunders ENGL102 Jason Sebacher March 5, 2014 Essentially I feel that each poem in its own “Funeral Blues” (W. H. Auden), “Death, be not proud” (John Donne), and “Because I could not stop for Death” (Emily Dickinson) are unique in their own way however, I feel that two poems in particular may show more similarity in each other versus all three being compared at once although, I will be comparing and contrasting all three poems towards the end of this essay. For example, When reading “Funeral Blues” (W. H. Auden), I felt a greater sense of similarity to “Because I could not stop for death” (Emily Dickinson) versus “Death, be not proud” (John Donne) so I will begin to discuss those poems first. When comparing each poem I will…show more content…
Auden’s tone toward death is saddened, gloomy, and emotional while Dickinson’s tone is more relaxed, understanding, and accepting of death. Vocabulary is another difference between the two poems. The vocabulary choice in “Funeral Blues” is overall simple with the exception of a couple words for example, when Auden wrote, “Pack up the moon and dismantle the sun.” Each word written in this line is simple except dismantle. Instead of simply writing “take down the sun” the author chose to use “dismantle” making the poem more creative. Throughout “Because I could not stop for death” a choice of intellectual vocabulary words was used by Dickinson. She wrote, “The dews grew quivering and chill, for only gossamer my gown.” Instead of simply writing, “The night grew cold, for I only wore a sheer gown” Dickinson decides to use more vivid vocabulary. When comparing “Death, be not proud” (John Donne) the most comparable poem was “Because I could not stop for death” (Emily Dickinson). These poems were obviously similar in using death as the topic however; they were also similar in their attitude toward death. Donne expresses that death isn’t as powerful as it thinks it is. Donne is saying that although Death (referring to death as a person) thinks he's something special, because he has the power to take life, really, he's not. Death isn’t special because he must take everyone whether they're kings or just regular men. So that means he's really a slave to every

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