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Janelle Lebron Professor Christine Reeves English 101 22 November 2014 Just Walk On By vs. Girl Short stories, novels, and even articles today usually hold a meaning that can be rewritten in many different ways, but still gets the deeper gist of the story. It does not matter if the story is fiction or based on actual events, the message that is meant to get across will almost effortlessly. Just Walk On By and Girl are unlike in minor and immense ways, a couple significant differences are the time period and the narrator’s gender. In spite of the differences, Just Walk On By and Girl show very important similarities which are the longing to fit into social standards and how African American’s are treated by others. Together these…show more content…
The narrator of Just Walk On By is a male and the narrator of Girl is a female. Gender becomes a problem in comparing these two articles if you role reverse the situation. If it was a girl walking home, instead of a male in the story referenced in Just Walk On By, night walkers would not be scared or nervous to cross paths. A female is occasionally looked upon as harmless while a male could be dangerous. Taking into thought genders can also provide a better understand of the point of view the narrator is coming from. A female usually tends to understand other females better than a male would and vice versa. Genders can be the reason the reader fully understands a narrator’s feelings in the passage or not. In conclusion, many stories are going to have differences and similarities, but all that is going to matter is the general purpose of the reading. Some stories will even be fiction, but manage to still have a lovely concept behind it that will stick with a reader. Stories with such diverse and cultural meanings are timeless classics for many readers to enjoy. Just Walk On By and Girl have pronounced differences that are to be taken into consideration while comparing the two articles. Together these articles, despite the differences, manage to present a beautiful message to the readers for years to come. Works Cited Kincaid, Jamacia. "Girl (Fiction)." Patterns For College Writing-A

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