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Compare/Contrast The fascination of Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn still stays strong to this day. We often find ourselves loving the idea of these two flawless icons. Everyone wanted to be them then, and it is still true today. They were two major icons in the 1950’s. They were two beautiful, inspirational women. Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn really did live the lifestyles of the rich and the famous. Most people only see the similarities, but in fact, they are more different than some may think. Brought into this world in June of 1926 was a baby girl named Norma Jeane Mortenson, otherwise known as Marilyn Monroe. Her childhood was mostly spent in the orphanages and foster homes in California. This was a result of never…show more content…
During the war, the Nazi’s had invaded Audrey’s home town which made it a struggle to survive for her and her family. After the war, Audrey became the leading figure in the Dutch ballet. She pursued acting not long after her ballet career because she was told she had too poor nutrition to further continue ballet. She quickly became a star and started out performing in musical theatre. Audrey’s acting career was flourishing. She earned a Theatre World Award for her debut of “Gigi” , on Broadway in New York. Not long after her performance, Paramount pictures signed her onto a seven-picture contract. Audrey is one of three women who won an Academy award and Tony award for best actress. In 1955 she received the Golden Globe for World Film Favorite, but also was a major fashion influence. After her acting career slowed down a bit Hepburn joined the UNICEF. Audrey was involved with many different charities, and some believe it was because of what she suffered through when she was younger. Her first field mission for UNICEF was to Ethiopia in 1988. Only a few years later she was diagnosed with abdominal cancer. Being told the cancer was inoperable, Audrey later died in 1993. Overall, both women struggled, yet both women conquered their dreams, both women grew to be icons. Marilyn Monroe will forever be known as a sex icon and Audrey Hepburn will forever be known as a style icon. There are obvious differences for instance;

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