Compare/Contrast Shakespeare and Marlowe

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Literary Essay Compare/Contrast Shakespeare and Marlowe William Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe were both writers of the Elizabethan stage, living in the same town of London, at the same time, and they wrote plays while working with the same people. Their strongest similarity was in their work. They both had an innate ability to write about love, great tragedies, comedies, drama and poetry with a similar style called blank verse. Before Marlowe’s time, blank verse was not an accepted verse for drama, but he was able to substitute the regular stresses of earlier blank verses and created a more departed, sincere verse. Shakespeare later followed Marlowe’s example and was able to master the ordinary rhythm of this new style of…show more content…
On the other hand Shakespeare was self-schooled after the age of 15, showed little interest in current ideals or philosophic ideas. Shakespeare used his personal observation and experiences to understand human nature. He had amore objective view of reality than Marlowe did. When we compare some of Marlowe’s tragedies with those of Shakespeare’s we discover several more similarities. Both Marlowe and Shakespeare create their hero’s as tragic heroes with some sort of flaw in their character that eventually causes their demise, a demise that would cause feelings of pity for the hero. One difference in the two writers is that Shakespeare liked to use the supernatural to enhance the sense of mystery, for example the witches in Macbeth or the ghost in Hamlet. Where as Marlowe’s tragedies had no such mystery and one could follow the course of the events and foresee the tragic doom without much difficulty. The two writers also differed when it came to some of their development of characters. Shakespeare was far superior to Marlowe in the developing the internal and spiritual conflict in the minds of his heroes. Shakespeare’s Hamlet and Macbeth for example are far more well rounded individuals than those in Marlowe’s writings. Also it should be noted that Shakespeare was able to supply a lot of secondary characters in his tragedies like Horatio or Kent, as well as several female characters like Cleopatra, Desdemona, Lady Macbeth and others. In comparison,

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