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The only thing we can be sure about in the Treaty Signing at Medicine Creek Lodge, by John Taylor and Howling Wolf is that they “contain the same overt content-that is the peace treaty signing”. (Sayre) How can both artists be so far apart in their renderings and what influences affected their works? Was it the time between the two artworks, cultural differences, or form? John Taylor’s illustration for Leslie’s Illustrated Gazette is more naturalistic than representational because he was focusing on what he saw in the grove at the treaty signing but ethnocentric beliefs may have caused him to make the Native-Americans look hostile in their facial expressions, with their bow and arrows at hand. He also portrays them as non-descript so you…show more content…
The lack of scale makes the tipis, trees, horse and Native-Americans look about the same size. Howling Wolf shows the convergence of the Arkansas River and Medicine Creek because that’s where the tribes were encamped and that is his main focus. One big difference between Howling Wolf’s version and John Taylor’s version is that Howling Wolf shows a large number of married Native-American women, identified by a red stripe down the back of their heads, at the treaty signing. “They sit with their backs to the viewer, their attention focused on the signing ceremony before them”. (Sayre) This illustrates the importance of women in Native-American culture. By using iconology, Howling Wolf identifies each individual by the symbols on their clothes and tipis. I believe he also uses iconology when focusing on the grove where the signing took place. There is a Native-American man holding the treaty and crying, an Anglo-American holding a pen in the face of another Native-American as if to say,” you better sign!” Even the Anglo-American holding the horse has symbolism, whereas the horse wants to be freed, but is being held captive. In conclusion, the time difference between the two works doesn’t seem to be a big factor in the different renderings of the treaty signings because even after that length of time Howling Wolf seems to remember specific details, even if they are completely different from Taylor’s view. Howling Wolf remembered the symbols worn by the

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