Compare Hour and Sonnet 43

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Higher English Paper
Section A – Question 7
“Hour compared with Sonnet 43”

Both poems are about love. Hour presents love as being times enemy, whereas, Sonnet 43 presents love as absolute and unconditional. Both poets see love as being precious and worth more than life itself. Barrett Browning shows love as lasting forever, but Duffy feels that love can’t last forever.

Sonnet 43 is an old fashioned poem; you can see this from the form. It uses iambic pentameter which creates the feeling of real speech, as though she is truly saying it to her husband. By using the famous phrase “how do I love thee?” by William Shakespeare, gives it that old traditional feel, also with it having many references to religion, such as ‘if God choose,
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Although both poems are about love, Hour is a more realistic view of love, saying how love doesn’t last forever and that we need not take advantage of it as it is sacred and if wasted becomes worthless and time will take over, and however hard we fight time, it will always win. However, Sonnet 43 is more of an idealistic view of love, saying that love lasts forever and that nothing gets in the way of love, which is something we all like to think happens. Although I do agree that love can last forever, even if one or both partners die in a relationship, I think that once a bond like in Sonnet 43 is made, it can’t be disfigured like in Hour.

Hannah Ferrabee Unseen Poetry

Section B

I think that the poet is trying to say that some students approach poems with a stubborn attitude and an unwillingness to learn. Here I see this in the words ‘tie the poem to a chair with rope’ showing that they don’t appreciate poems, they treat them like hostages and try to force the poem to spoon feed them what they are about, rather than them look themselves. The writer seems to feel as though the poem should be looked at from every angle, they should be looked at carefully and slowly. He seems to want students to take time and consider all of the possibilities that the poem presents. The writer shows these feelings by using some of the five senses.
Firstly, sight, ‘hold it up to the light like a colour slide’. This suggests that even though a
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