Compare How Poets Present the Effects of Conflict in ‘Belfast Confetti’ and One Other Poem from Conflict.

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Compare how poets present the effects of conflict in ‘Belfast Confetti’ and one other poem from Conflict. “Belfast Confetti” and “Yellow Palm” “Belfast Confetti” and “Yellow Palm” are both majorly set around the imagery language used, and the effects of the devastation happening to the communities. Both poems are similarly themed; “Belfast Confetti” depicts the aftermath of a bomb during the troubles that people in Belfast experienced. The poem “Yellow Palm” follows a similar theme, portraying the problems which are present in Baghdad. Looking at the different structures and forms used in both poems, they contrast the difference between one speaker being confused, and not knowing what’s happening, to a very loosely structured ballad.…show more content…
Crimea Street. Dead end again.” By doing this the poet likens the riot happening during the bombing to battles that the community has fought in bigger wars. Showing the effects of how much the country and city has been through, and to illustrate the speakers paranoia and alienation in a place he doesn’t know. On The other hand we have the contrast in images of life throughout the poem “Yellow Palm”. The poet Robert Minhinnick uses powerful images of religions and traditional images at the start of each verse and the negative image portrayed showing the effect of conflict. An example of this can be seen in the quote: “I heard the call to prayer and I stopped at the door of the golden mosque to watch the faithful there but there was blood on the walls and the muezzin’s eyes were wild with his despair.” Within this quote we have the positive image of prayers and golden mosques showing hope and belief met by the blood on the walls, whether metaphorically or literal, showing the destruction and chaos caused by recent history changing the society for the worse. To conclude although there are similarities in the way in which both poets present conflict, they both also use complete opposite techniques to illustrate the chaos and destruction caused my conflict. With Ciaran using language and punctuation itself to create images and portray conflict, contrasting to the usage of negative and positive imagery and oxymoron
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