Compare Hurricanes And Tornadoes

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Hurricanes and Tornadoes are alike and different. They are extremely dangerous. They have destroyed houses buildings and structures. If you were in this situation, what would you do?

Tornadoes can be dangerous too, but hurricanes are still stronger. Tornadoes Come in different scales. EF0=65-85mph, EF1=86-110mph, EF2=111-135mph, EF3=136-165mph, EF4=166-200mph, EF5 is the highest and it equals over 200mph. EF5 takes the most damage, and EF4 is about the same. Tornadoes spin columns of air that reach the sky and tough the ground. A tornado can be described as a cyclone, because of the way its winds rotate.

Hurricanes are extremely dangerous. They are a lot bigger than a tornado.Hurricanes form near the equator because they require warm tropical oceans to get their start. Hurricanes have thunder storms in them. In the Northern Hemisphere their winds rotate counterclockwise, but in the Southern Hemisphere, their winds rotate clockwise.
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They are both made of wind, and spin. They both are natural disasters. They both have low pressure. They can happen at the same time. They both form near the equator. They both go far distance, and can move fast.

Hurricanes have an eye, but tornadoes don't. Tornadoes have to form in the air, but Hurricanes have to form near warm tropical oceans. Tornadoes have to reach 74 mph. to be called a hurricane.

Hurricanes are fast deadly winds that can suck up houses, buildings, and different structures. They have killed millions. Tornadoes come in charts. EF0-EF5 are the charts of the tornadoes. Hurricanes are larger than a tornado, because in hurricanes there are thunder storms. Tornadoes can go farther but use less power, or they can use a lot of power and don’t go very far. Same with
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