Compare Qualitative And Quantitative Research Methods

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Quantitative and Qualitative Methods in Research Evidence-based practice is a crucial part of nursing. To reach the goal of evidence-based practice it all starts with first obtaining research. It is important to understand the different research models and be able to identify reliable research from unreliable. While qualitative and quantitative research models differ in many ways, they both play a critical part in obtaining evidence-based practice in nursing. The objective of this paper is to analyze qualitative and quantitative research models and how they relate to practical application.
Research Methods
Qualitative Research
Qualitative research focuses on exploratory research that looks at personal opinions, motivations, and emotions behind the information gathered. Qualitative research helps give insight into understanding the deeper meaning and answering the why and how behind the research. When conducting qualitative research one must first decide on a sample selection, which means picking a target population, community, or study area to obtain information from. Qualitative data collection is usually left open-ended using methods such as interviews, observations, focus groups, case studies, and assessments to produce common themes during data analysis (Yates & Leggett, 2016). There are two different kinds of data analysis, inductive and deductive. “Inductive analysis involves discovering patterns, themes, and categories in one’s data, whereas deductive analysis begins
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