Compare The Great Gatsby And Uprising

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Rags Versus Riches in the Early 1900’s Both The Great Gatsby and Uprising are novels that follow characters who live in New York during the 1900’s. The main characters in the stories, however, are on opposing sides of society. Uprising is about poverty and the unfair treatment of factory workers while The Great Gatsby shows the opulence of the higher class people during that time. Although these novels are set during the same time period, they showcase the different aspects of the lives that people led in the early 1900’s. Uprising tells the story of three girls who experience poverty. They work very long and gruesome hours for little pay. The characters, Bella, Yetta, and Jane, are careful with how they spend the limited amount of money they earn. The girls put aside money for rent and food. Any extra change they have is sent home to their families who live outside of the United States. Their main drive and motivation is to help support their starving families, who are also struggling financially. This helps propel Bella and Yetta forward as their workplace becomes even more cruel and unsafe. The Great Gatsby, on the other hand, displays the comfortable life of the wealthy. The main character, Nick, immerses himself in the culture of the rich. Everyone who lives in his neighborhood has inherited or received a great deal of money. He becomes involved in Gatsby’s life, who is one of the most affluent people in the area. “The one on my right was a colossal affair by any
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