Compare The Social And Medical Model Of Disability

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The role of a social care worker is very important in society. If society had not got any social care workers, people with intellectual disabilities, physical disabilities, mental disabilities, addiction problems and all other areas connected with what is named above, society would be out of control and there would be a higher rate of suicide and deaths per year in the country. Social care workers try and provide the best possible lifestyle for the service user depending on what their needs are. Social care practitioners aim to provide support, protection, guidance and advocacy on behalf of the service users, (Share, 2009). This helps people through their mental health problems and they provide a high standard of care for the elderly too so…show more content…
If a social care worker is not being professional in their work place they will be made unemployed. With this in mind I will assess the main key skills that are needed to be a successful social care worker and the skills that are needed to work effectively with service users. Along with key skills, they also need to have certain competencies which will enhance their work with service users. From my knowledge of the Social and Medical models of disability which I critically assessed in semester one, I have come to the conclusion that the social model of disability is much more person-centred friendly than the medical model, “By personcentred care I refer specifically to becoming familiar with the patient’s personal situation in its crucial re-lationship to the source of illness.”, (Barbour, 1995). As a social care practitioner we must be aware of these models to enable us to be a better social care practitioner. Implementing the social model in your work place will not only make you a better social care worker but it will also give you a level of understanding of the service users and there quality of life will be drastically improved as it is a more rights based approach. The social model sees the
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