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ALEX KATZ: “GIVE ME TOMMORROW” TURNER CONTEMORARY MUSEUM OF MODERN ART, MARGATE THOMAS SIDNEY COOPER: THE BEANEY HOUSE OF ART AND KNOWLEDGE, CANTERBURY THOMAS SIDNEY COOPER ALEX KATZ The two exhibitions that I have visited and about which I am going to discuss are both taking place in Kent. The first one is entitled ‘’Give Me Tomorrow,, and its author is the American contemporary painter Alex Katz. He is exhibiting in Margate at Turner Contemporary Museum and the concept of the exhibition focuses on a collection of works chosen by the author himself. The other exhibition that opted for is taking place in the Beany Museum in Canterbury and its author is the British painter Thomas Sidney…show more content…
There are many differences between the two artist and their works but they also have in common the longevity in painting which translates into a large number of works through their lives. Alex Katz continues to paint even in present, Give me Tomorrow exhibition presenting some of his latest works. Also Thomas Sidney Cooper devoted his entire life to painting. ‘’Sheep in the snow’’ is his last painting which was left unfinished on his easel when he died and it is also included in the collection present at the Beany Museum in Canterbury. The locations of the two exhibitions are connected very much with the lives of the two painters, Canterbury being the home town of Thomas Sidney Cooper and the other exhibition given the Gallery’s location on the beach in Margate, it places a special emphasis on Katz’s seascapes and beach scenes. The themes for the both exhibitions are revealing significant traits constantly found in the painter’s works and give us the opportunity to see their impact on art in the periods they were active as painters and afterwards: Thomas Sidney Cooper (26 September 1803 – 7 February 1902) was an English Landscape painter noted for his
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