Compare Two Generations

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From generation to generation change happens to everyone. In the last generation the percent of white ethnicity people in the United States was sixty-two percent, and then the millennials the number has changed to around fifty-nine percent (people press). I will compare my mother’s generation to my grandmother’s generation. I believe that there will be a great change through the generations will be greater than the other generation. I expect the emphasis on education to be different through both generations, and also how the mothers play a role in the children’s lives.

My grandmother was born on August 23, 1938, in St. Mary’s city in southern Maryland. Her family included her mother, father, brother, and three sisters. Her
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The hospital isn’t there anymore due to John’s Hopkin’s buying them out, and they knocked it down. My mother is the only biological child from her mother. Although she does have three siblings from her father’s previous marriage. There were six people living in my mom’s childhood home. Unlike the other siblings, she got to have her own room because her two half-brothers shared a room. She and her half-sister got to have their own rooms in the house. The living conditions were superior than most of the other families on the street. My grandfather had just built the house for my grandmother so it was a brand new house for my mom. They also had an in-ground pool in the backyard, which my mom said was a huge plus. My mom got to follow her father around with the yard work and his chores around the house. Her mother didn’t make her help with the cooking or the cleaning of the house. She got to choose what she wanted to so around the house as long as she was helping. All of the children in the home went to private school throughout graduating from high school. My mother graduated from Seton High School which is now Seton Keough High School. My grandfather went to trade school to become a construction personal, and then he began to build houses for several companies, and her mom was a nurse (RN) at City hospital which now it’s Johns Hopkins Bayview. My mother didn’t follow in my grandmother’s footsteps, but she did go to college. Her first time she graduated with a degree in accounting, and then she went back to pursue her degree in teaching. My mom graduated college with her degree in teaching in 2012. My grandparents always push my mom to be her best, and they did that with every child that they had. My mother was in the beginning of the use of technology. She told me that they had television, but with no color. She also went through many cars throughout her
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