Compare and Contrast 2 Great Newspapers - New York Times and Wall Street Journal

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Despite being printed for the same date, in this case January 30th, 2014, the distinction can still be made, and by this it can be said that if the titles of the newspapers were removed it would not be hard to distinguish one from the other. By placing the front page of the New York Times (NYT) and of the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) side by side, the reader can piece together few similarities and a greater amount of contrast between the two. These are especially true when looking at the stories that were covered, the amount of space some stories took compared to others, and the slants many of the headlines took. These were the headlines from that day. On the cover of the NYT: childhood obesity, a Google business move, Russian's testing of …show more content…

Visually looking at the two different covers, the amount of space given to the 2-3 major stories was about the same. In both, the biggest space was taken by the pictures. In the NYT, an image of stalled cars on the highway in Atlanta took the biggest space and the next biggest was an image of two children crying with a chard car behind them. In the WSJ, there was a collection of charts that displayed data about the stock market and another of stranded people sleeping in a store in Atlanta. Both of the newspaper share this trait, the most of space going to the pictures. Another similarity would be that the written articles shared length, for example in the NYT the story of obesity and Russian missile test were about the same and in the WSJ the articles of Reid and movie productions were also about the same. The clear distinction comes with the content of the pictures and again it revolves around the interests of organizations: money and social issues. One major difference and an unexpected part was the ad for Oracle in the WSJ which took up as much space if not more than the Reid commentary, the Russian test, or even the picture from the Atlanta crisis. The length of the Google article was also distinct, where the NYT gave a full column, the WSJ gave it a small paragraph. Another point to note is the display and position of the headlines or newsfeed. The WSJ had two broad

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