Compare and Contrast Between the Ancient River Valley Civilizations

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The earliest forms of civilizations were said to be located on the three river valleys of the Tigris-Euphrates River in ancient Mesopotamia, the Nile River in ancient Egypt and the Huang He and Indus River in ancient India and China. These three river valley civilizations had many differences yet still lived common life styles. Although the civilizations are located on different continents, they share similar social, political, and economic beliefs from their intellectual developments to types of government to religious beliefs and trading systems. When the civilizations were first invented, there was a lot of chaos and confusion. This led to the invention of the different forms of writing. Each civilization had a form of writing for…show more content…
All three of the major river civilizations had a government in the form of hierarchy. Each civilization had a ruler; they were in a monarchy system. Some of the systems were considered to be well off systems because they were able to rule without any disruptions while others had systems in which were not in equality with men and women. In Mesopotamia, there was a king who ruled city-state regions. The kings were war leaders and their main function was to make sure everything was running great in their region. On the other hand, the Egyptians, Indians, and Chinese had similar monarchy systems. Their rulers were Pharaohs and kings, however in their society, people were slaves. The Pharaoh was such an elite person that they needed people in their society (slaves) to build pyramids and elaborate palaces for them. With each civilization having a distinct leader, this helped keep the environment more stable although some civilizations weren’t fair in the distribution of power. As time was progressing, the civilizations have been developing techniques to better their ways of life. All three civilizations were accustomed to trade because they were located near rivers. Although they had access to the water surrounding their civilization, not all the civilizations traded with one another. Each of the civilizations was farmers but they had different ways to go about farming their lands. The Mesopotamians invented the
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