Compare and Contrast: Call of the Wild Book and Movie Essay

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Buck lives in Judges Millers estate at the beginning of both the book and the movie. He is then kidnapped by Manuel, the gardener. He is sold to dog salesmen heading to Alaska. He is disciplined by the Law of Club and Fang. The man in the red sweater takes Buck out of the cage and repeatedly beats him. Buck continues to try to attack until he is to week to fight. He then learns the law of Club and Fang.
Buck is sold and put on a sled team. He learns to dig a hole in the snow to stay warm. He has a fierce rivalry with the lead dog Spitz. Spitz then kills one of Buck’s best friends Curly by ripping Curly’s face up. Buck ends up having multiple fights with Spitz. One of which where Spitz takes Buck sleeping hole and tries to
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Buck then kills multiple Yeehats out of anger. He is then left with the decision to live by himself in the wild.
In the movie, Buck was never sold to Francois and Perrault. He was never a part of their team and he did not steal any bacon from Francois. In the movie, Buck started out going to John Thornton’s team, stolen by Black Burtons bandits, claimed by a dog auctioneer, sold to Hal and his crew, brought across Johns Thornton’s camp and is returned to him. Buck was never sold from Francois and Perrault to a Scotch half-breed man that was very hairy. It did not tell the names of other dogs in the movie.
In my eyes, the movie portrayed John Thornton’s friend, Pete, more than in the book. In the movie John Thornton is attracted to a girl at a bar. A man named Black Burton doesn’t like John so he has his team stolen by some of his thugs. They then take the team to a town. On the way a man falls down a hill and is killed. When the dogs get to the town, the only guy left on the sled is frozen solid and killed. A man then claims the dogs on the spot and auctions them off to Hal, Charles, and Mercedes. They plan to take the team to Dawson city (where John Thornton is). On the way a dog (Dave) is shot by Hal because he can’t go on. They come across John Thornton’s camp. John takes Buck back and the others drowned. John then takes more care of buck and heals him up.
The book stated that
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