Compare and Contrast Character and Portrayal of Katharina and Bianca in the First 3 Acts of the Play.

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Katherine and Bianca show the difference between the social role of women and the way women were treated during this period. Though there are more differences than similarities between Bianca and Katharina such as their reaction towards men and their daily rituals. The main difference between the societal norm of women, such as Bianca during the time that the play was written against the aggressive, bad-tempered women, such as Katharina, who were classed as shrews. Bianca and Katherine do have some similarities in this play such as their reasons for marrying. Katharina and Bianca in Taming of a Shrew are both are very sensitive and very high-strung at times. They both seem to hate each other but really they just see the truth behind…show more content…
She is more likely to marry because she is shameful and because of the pressure that is on her by her father than her to just all of a sudden have a huge revelation and realize everything she has ever thought was wrong. Though Bianca has not married yet, at the end of the 3 act, Bianca has changed her ways and becomes more conceited and calls on men to give her affection. Both ladies
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