Essay on Compare and Contrast: Christianity and Islam

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cathy Smith
Intro to World religions
Compare and Contrast: Christianity and Islam Introduction Although Christianity and Islam have been and are dominating the scene it is necessary to place both in their proper perspective taking into account human history of faith in the supernatural or something beyond our five senses. Side by side with this awe mixed fear of the unknown is the feeling of being cocksure and confident of one’ own power. It is the same of the caveman as of the politicians and financiers strutting around Wall Street and Washington. When this feeling of being sure is coupled with a belief, then ‘ism’ is born. This ism can be anything from belief in money-power to mass-power or god-power.
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The Bible says, “An hour is coming, in which all who are in the tombs will hear His voice. And will come forth; those who did the good deeds to a resurrection of life, those who committed the evil deed to a resurrection of judgment” (John 5:28-29). Thus in the Bible there is difference in groups but not in timing. Azad Rauf, a practicing Imam interviewed through telephone believes that Islam too contributes to this opinion. Resurrection will not be confined to the distinguished only but would be for all humanity – good or bad. On that day however there will be separation when the righteous will be sifted from the wicked. The Bible emphasizes on this separation – some will be imperishable, others glorified, made powerful while selected ones will get a spiritual body –as stated in Corinthians 15. The wicked too will be resurrected. This faith is shared by Islam. The basic tenet is that man is immortal – this life is but a short span of existence as such. Some Christian schools say that the wicked will undergo eternal suffering. But objections have been raised about eternal punishment for small sins. How can the just God mandate such a ruling? Muslims say that few will undergo this eternal suffering but ultimately move towards heaven or God. Some Christians are of the view that the wicked ones will experience a second death – it means following resurrection these bad characters will die once
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