Compare and Contrast Christians vs Muslims Essay

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Abstract As with most religions studied all around the world both Islamic and Christian faith are viewed as powerful and life changing lifestyle in a religious aspect. Although, they are both unique in their own way both religions have helped to shape the people in which they are practiced by. In the essay below you will encounter the differences and similarities which make these religions what they are to the people who practice them. Although, no one religion is greater than the other they are only as great as the people who vow to live them daily. Christian and Muslim faith have both help to develop the country, America as two of the most widely practiced religions, and although they are different they both have made positive impact in…show more content…
Although, religious practices go hand in hand with worshiping him so the more love you have for God the more you will do at his command because you know it will show the love you have for him. Other big differences are the belief that God exist as one in three persons which includes The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit. In the Muslim religion there is one God, or better known as Allah. Period. Its beliefs are different from the teaching of the Christian faith. To Muslims, there is but one God, and Jesus, is merely a prophet, just as Muhammad was, for the people, born a virgin, but created just as Adam and all mankind was. However, Muhammad is who was chosen by God. The people of Muslim faith do not believe in Jesus dying on the cross, because they do not believe that God would allow such a torturous death to one of his followers, with that though Christians believe the death was needed in order to show salvations for all the sins of the people. For the Muslim, the Qu'ran is their book of direction; however it was not created until after the bible. As the Christians believe that the Bible is the only holy word direct from God, Muslims believe the Qu'ran has just the same importance. Christians believe their bible to be the only word, and that nothing can be added or taken away from it which is exactly what the Islamic people did
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