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Compare and Contrast Essay AIU Online ENG COMP ABSTRACT Software companies want the best products to sell in order to stay in business and remain productive. This organization is on the rise to find the most reliable and best personal computer for excelling students by comparing and contrasting the prices, performances and models from three different brands sold by the most popular vendors. Our company selected the Apple-13.3” MacBook Pro Notebook, the HP-Envy 15.6” Laptop, and the Dell-Ultra book 15.6” Touch-Screen Laptop. After careful reviews and investigations, the organization decided that the HP Envy Laptop was best for their excelling students’ organization. With today’s era, companies strive to find the best devices to…show more content…
The operating systems are somewhat similar although the MacBook system is running on only Microsoft. They all have wide screen with high tech looks. They are all slim with high performance microprocessors. These are all three so similar, vendors make it impossible to choose from. Each of these computer models has a distinct price range. For example, the Dell Ultra-Book touchscreen starts at a cost of $829.99. This is a bit expensive for the average user, but reflects the quality of purchase. The HP-Envy Laptop starts at $649.99, which is a little cheaper than the Dell series model. The Apple MacBook Pro Notebook runs around $1129.99. As you can see the Apple laptops are much more expensive than the Dell and HPE series models. These prices range between brands and style because the screens can be larger or smaller. When shopping for a computer, one can look at the cost and compare it to other models. For instance, individuals usually have less to spend than organizations. The HP Envy model is adequate for companies looking for greater processing power (Intel Turbo Boost) (“HP Pavilion HPE,” 2011). The Dell Studio model is a little expensive; however, this model is adequate for small business and organizations. Similarly, the HP Companies looking for attractiveness will find the MacBook’s unique design quite appealing. Overall, these three models range in price from $649.99 to $1300.00, they are high end products known for quality and

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