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Brent Staples of “Just Walk On By”, Judith Ortiz Cofer of “The Myth of the Latin Woman”, and Alice Walker of “Beauty: When the Other Dancer is the Self” had discovered their personal/cultural knowledge and identity through their experiences. They might have different experiences in different situation or incident it has the same concept. Brent Staples and Judith Cofer had similarly uncovered how they are being alienated especially in their foreign place. They both had experienced to be mistaken as somebody else. Brent Staples was once mistaken for a burglar in a magazine company and a mugger in a jewelry store. Cofer was also mistaken as a waitress by an old woman while she was holding her notebook which an old woman thought a menu…show more content…
Walker discovered her personal identity when she got into an accident that left a scar not only in her physical but into her life, she was insisted on a fight, and she even lost her self confidence and same as Cofer’s she faced discrimination and was disrespected. It was stressed in Walker’s, “after months, of torture at the school, my parents decide to send me back to our old community, to my old school.”(444) and also when she said that she beat a child at her old school who continually calls her ”one-eyed bitch” (445). On the other hand, Walker’s discovery differs from Staples’ because she was not feared nor misjudged. The epiphanies the three writers experienced, led them into their discovery of their personal knowledge and identity. The difficulties of personal knowledge/identity reflects on a person’s illiteracy. The time they were hardly surviving from people’s prejudice was the time they do not have idea how people see them outside of their island, county and how people judge them by their physical appearance. As a result of not knowing that information, they were not aware of how they will dress or act in public to avoid harsh judgments of people. Also in Walker’s difficulties she was not aware that to let her brother influence her will put her identity into a risk. As a reward of the knowledge about personal identity, Walker learned to to believe on her self, and gained her self-confidence again and that’s when she started

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