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IMImportant Scholars of Education: The Work of Paulo Freire and William W. Brickman Alana L. Jackson Northcentral University Author Note Alana L. Jackson, Department of Education, Northcentral University Abstract This article discusses the contributions of the amazing scholars Paul Freire and William W. B. Brickman and how their theories on education impacted their philosophies on improving education in their time. Friere believed the, “Banking” concept of education was the best theory to improve education in the poverty and oppressed areas(Flanagan, 2005) versus Brickman argued that the “comparative” approach on education gives students more versatility of educational learning(Silova and Brehm, 2010). These scholars developed…show more content…
Through this, Brickman was known for his “study tours” which added extensive knowledge to the comparative field (Silova and Brehm, 2010). Challenges. The challenges of Paulo Freire were that his educational theory was based on a political oppressed people. The problem with this educational method is that it would not be applicable consistently in comparison to more developed countries. His oppressed and oppressor political view in terms to education would not carry the same weight in more democratic societies where education is not as politically dominated (Flanagan, 2005).However, the challenge of William W. Bickman entails he felt that the new found theories of science and statistics was starting to jeopardize his philosophy of comparative education (Silova and Brehm, 2010). His main concerned that these current scholars would focus on more practical educational theories versus his ideology of methodological development on comparative education. Similarities. To become great educators, one must possess the love and passion for education and finding different strategies to improve the education for students. Friere and Brickman both shared the common passion and love for improving education in their time. Their passion to improve education came from world events that change how they viewed the elements of education. Freire and his family encountered a financial crisis and Brickman developed comparative education after World War II. Their

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