Compare and Contrast Film Excalibur to Sir Thomas Malory’s Le Morte D’arthur

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Compare and Contrast
Film Excalibur to Sir Thomas Malory’s Le Morte d’Arthur

Literary works on the story of King Arthur and his cohorts is a story that had been narrated in several books and even modified in movies which typical illustrates the lives of the Arthurian legends. The story “The Excalibur” cannot be compared with any of the other versions of the Arthurian tales ever in history. Sir Thomas Malory’s version of the Arthurian tale took a French style and name in which some elements of the movie are quite different from the original versions of the tale. Nonetheless, the significance of the story was never reflected in any of the versions of the tale that had been told. Attempts had been made in reconstructing the historical
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The source of the sword is also another point of divergence in the two stories. In the Excalibur, the source of the sword was not recognized but the account was made concerning his return into a stone (Lucy 257). But in Le Morte d’ Arthur, the source of the sword accounted for as it was given to King Arthur by the lady of the lake and it marks a symbol of authority to unify the empire after the demise of King Uther (Malory).
Lancelot was compared in both versions of the tale. In the Excalibur, he took the centre stage due to his impact during the battle between the armies of Arthur and that of Mordred. But in Malory’s Le Morte d’, Arthur could be seen more as a traitor who wants to lure Guinevere into marrying by proposing to her after Arthur had engaged her hands in marriage. Arthur could be seen as the hero in both versions as the future of the kingdom solely rest upon his shoulders coupled with the support of the Lady of the Lake. However, some people argue that Lancelot is the hero due to his bravery.
The events that were recorded in both stories differ in its interpretations. The issue of land disputes between King Arthur and Mordred was recorded differently. In the Excalibur, King Arthur was reluctant in allocating his share of the empire to Mordred and this led to series of dispute between both of them, While in Le Morte d’ Arthur, it was accounted that King Arthur was willing to voluntarily allot his share of the empire to
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