Compare and Contrast: Frankenstein and Invisible Man

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Sometimes the determination of one to achieve his goals and dreams causes him to walk over the feelings or goal of another, making a person fall victim to the other person's desires. Through themes such as hatred, betrayal, and revenge, two pieces of literature, Invisible Man written by Ralph Ellison, and Frankenstein written by Mary Shelley, support this statement to the fullest extent. In both stories, the main character becomes a victim to a person or persons seeking individual power. However, when both characters realize the betrayal of these people, the knowledge causes them to rebel against their authorities. In Invisible Man, a young Negro, who remains unnamed throughout the entire novel and lived during the 1950's, is expelled…show more content…
Though he succeeds with his experiment, and brings his work to life, the appearance of the creature instills such an enormous amount of fear in Victor that he becomes disgusted with his creation. After the horrible encounter with the estranged creature, Victor lets the beast go and flees back to his home in Geneva, hoping to never see the monster again. Upon Victor's return, however, his hopes are destroyed when he is
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