Compare and Contrast Gatsby and Tom Essay

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In The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald focuses on Daisy Buchanan’s relationship with Tom Buchanan and Jay Gatsby. Tom and Gatsby both love Daisy in different ways, but the fact that they both want Daisy as their own makes them similar. Both Tom and Gatsby share many similarities while having even a greater amount of differences. While differences are good, they sometimes lead to unhappiness, jealousy, and grief. Being wealthy is one of the things that Tom and Gatsby have in common. For both of them, maintaining a high social status is a priority. They strive to be financially successful. Tom went to a wealthy school and he flaunts his money with expensive sports cars. Gatsby, on the other hand, shows his need for wealth when he quits…show more content…
He likes Daisy not for true love but rather for a possession-type relationship. He cheats on her and is proud of it. When with Daisy, he rarely acts romantic because he is always preoccupied with his greed. He doesn't strive for her love because he knows his wealth will keep her with him. He has a very realistic approach on life. He sees things as they are. This allows Tom to stay happy and rarely be disappointed. As readers can see, Gatsby has his own set of unique characteristics differing from these of Tom. Gatsby is a passionate and kind person. He lives in West Egg, which contains people who have new money. He came from a poor family, "his parents were shiftless and unsuccessful farm people" (Fitzgerald 104). He struggled with obtaining enough money to make it through college. He is a loyal and good-hearted man who loves Daisy and strives for her true love. He is willing to do whatever it takes to win her love. Her love becomes one of the prime reasons he desires to be rich. However, Daisy cares solely about net-wealth and therefore, chooses Tom. Throughout the novel, Gatsby shows how he is a romantic dreamer by always dreaming of Daisy truly falling for him. His unrealistic approach to life causes him to be often disappointed. He believes that he actually might be able to win her love when he really has no chance with her. Both, Gatsby and Tom share ways that they are both alike and quite a lot ways they are different. These differences lead to
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