Compare and Contrast High School versus College Essay

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A Changing Lifestyle
Last August, as a high school senior, I made a big transition in my life. Not only did I pack up my things and move to another city, I moved with the intention of acquiring higher education. I made the next step in my life by beginning college. High school life as I knew it was over, and my life would be new and different upon my arrival at school. My room, schedule, motivation, school life, money availability and parental influence has changed greatly.
A major transition to make was that of adjusting to living in a dorm with a roommate. In high school, my room was decorated and filled with things from my life. The furniture arrangement and room size left
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Currently my classes begin at two different times of the day and end in the same way. Twice a week I have my entire afternoon free for sleeping and the other two days I spend my entire afternoon in classes. I am not as interested in extra-curricular activities, so I spend that time watching movies, exercising, or catching up on homework. I can stay out as late as I please and usually catch up on lost sleep during the next day.
Parental supervision is a huge part of high school. Curfews, chores, and family time seemed to be the worst of it. I always had to ask permission to leave the house and I would have to call home from my destination to assure my safe arrival. Not doing the dishes or neglecting to clean my room would take away my privilege to go out. Arguing happens almost daily because by the time you have lived with someone for eighteen years, their every move can spark an outburst. At school curfews only exist for the opposite sex’s time in your room. Chores happen when things get too gross to handle, and family time at school does not exist. When I leave to go out, I don’t have to have anyone’s permission or approval. I can come and go as I please. Resident Assistants are the only source of authority and they often are oblivious to the happenings of their hall. I live among my friends, so my decisions are not challenged. I have a new freedom and new responsibilities.
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