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Illegal Immigration’s Effect towards the U.S

The United States is a country affected by illegal immigration. The term illegal aliens or what is most commonly known as illegal immigrants, the word alien is simply a person who comes from a foreign country. A much more accurate expression for these groups of individuals is the term illegal alien. The term illegal alien is a much more precise term because it deals with both undocumented aliens as well as nonimmigrant visa overstayers. Both terms illegal alien as well as illegal immigrant are used to describe individuals who have broken the law of our country to enter and work illegally. The majority of the immigrants who come to this country illegally are in search of the
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This expansion of low cost labor pool assisted in increase money circulation. As mentioned in the article, “Should Labor Unions support an Immigration Amnesty?” The Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2007, this legislation states that for the first time in 40 years, deviate from the long-held Americans have earned a middle class life style and Congress should be working to protect it not take it away. From an economic viewpoint many of these low paying jobs have also had to deal with being exploited and forced to work under harmful conditions. Although illegal immigrants are exploited in many ways, American citizens feel that illegal immigrants are the primary cause for the high rise in unemployment in the United States. However, many of our hard paying labor workers do not have to live in our country to compete with our citizens. Today many our jobs are being performed internationally in many countries. Also with many of our citizens struggling with their small business low paying, illegal immigrants are very beneficial to the economy. Illegal immigrants are well known for their low pay and hard work that they offer. Many of these illegal immigrants are willing to take jobs that many of our citizens would not consider working for. On the other hand not allowing for illegal immigrants to work, would not resolve the economic struggle of unemployment.

The word amnesty is basically to forgive any offense that is against
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