Compare and Contrast Medieval Ages and Renaissance

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The Medieval Ages and Renaissance were periods of distinct cultural and worldviews within the continent of Europe. Both the Medieval Ages and Renaissance had the presence of a social organization and had artwork centered on religion. However, during the Renaissance architecture was influenced by Greco-Roman styles, had the existence of towns, questioned the power of the Catholic Church, and had an educated public.
The Medieval Ages was the period of European history between the 5th and the 15th century. Normally marked from the collapse of the Western Roman Empire, this time period was an unproductive one where the public lived in constant fear of barbarian invasions. Little to no thinking occurred as life itself seemed to worsen as time
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Feudalism primarily began in Europe as a result of the fall of the Roman Empire. Once the Roman Empire collapsed, there was nothing to prevent Germanic tribes from pillaging the territory, thus peasants lived in constant fear. Seeing an opportunity, the land holding wealthy elites gave peasant land within the boundaries of their walls and in return the peasants would receive protection from invading tribes though the presence of Knights. This in turn allowed the Lords to maximize the profit they obtain from their land while protecting the most important member of society, the peasants, who throughout history have done most of the work necessary for life to be sustained. However, as the commercial revolution began Manors became less common while towns increased in popularity. Important agricultural innovations, such as the three-field system, allowed peasants to produce a greater amount and variety of cash crops while still using the same amount of land. This in turn resulted in a feeling among peasants that they no longer needed their lords in order for survival, since they could easily pay of the taxes that lords had administered. Peasants began to leave the Manors and for small towns, often along trade routes, where they could easily sell their goods or barter for other needed resources. During the Medieval time period the Catholic Church had an unbelievable amount of power.

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