Compare and Contrast Nikon with Canon in Digital SLR Cameras Essays

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Compare and Contrast Nikon with Canon in Digital SLR Cameras
Jingfan Chen
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Dec 4, 2013

Compare and Contrast Nikon with Canon in Digital SLR Cameras
Today Nikon and Canon constantly battle for the top position in the digital SLR cameras market. These two companies were the first to make the leap from film to digital, and their initial impressions in the market make them the dominant players. Nowadays, a growing number of individuals want to have their own digital SLR cameras, and it is no longer a luxury to the public. People always wonder which camera is right for them, and it is a common question when consumers
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Part of individuals selects Canon because it has a prominent reputation in industry for years. Consequently, we should concentrate in particular on the useful functions without much unnecessary design in our digital SLR cameras.
Unlike Canon, Nikon’s innovation focus on setting up a lot of operation system model for speed and lighting, which makes the Nikon cameras greatly acceptable. From the operating instruction manual, you can change the capturing model by turning the button, which is on the top of the camera. For example, you want to capture a running animal on a mountain when you take photos for your friends, you need to change your camera operation system from portrait model to the speed model immediately, and then it automatically focus on the animal and capture the moving position in the LCD screen. That would be quite convenient for beginners to set the automatically model. As for professional photographer, the point-and-shoot operation with focus area selector seems more engaged. In addition, when you look at the ads for Nikon camera, no matter from the videos or the propaganda materials, you can find enough information about how to use it more portably. Ads tell you the details of the product, and give you many after sales service in all occasions. From a specialized point of view, Nikon have done a great deal of efforts to make sure that the system is more flexible and compatible with the lenses. In the user friendliness
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