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The other wes Moore one name, Two Fates “Wes Moore, author of The Other Wes Moore One Name, Two Fates,” describes the difficult times in both boys lives. In many ways this novel is inspirational. Such as, how it shows the choices we make today, and how they affect us in the future. As, portrayed through both Wes Moore’s. What these boys went through at such young ages is truly heart wrenching. When comparing the lives of these two young men I find so many things that they have in common. Besides the obvious, the same name. Both boy’s were brought up in Baltimore, they were raised by single mothers, how both of there mothers worked, being members in crews, and having issues with the law. When you look at the individuals they will…show more content…
Her parents were retired so they would help in getting the kids to school, and make sure they were home and feed. On the hand, the other Wes had a older brother that helped watched him, while his mother Mary had to work. But eventually was left to take care of himself. At age eight, Wes was getting himself off to school and coming home to were he would be alone unsupervised for hours, before his mother would get home. Besides the fact Wes had no father as a role model, he had no adult for a role model. Being members in different crews was apart of surviving. In the Bronx’s had changed significantly since Joy was a child. People were dealing crack from the sidewalks. The author Wes found himself making friends with people, that was apart of drug running. Reputation was important in this area, and you needed to hangout with people that so called respected people. The other Wes found himself being a lookout for the police. He became somewhat of a leader in his crew. This was just the being of his career in drug related activity. Having issues with the law, is what sets the two boys apart. The author Wes was caught drawing graffiti on a building wall, with one of his drug running friend. He was put in cuffs and the put in the back of the squad car. His reaction: he was apologetic, he had tears running down his face, and he was upset at himself, for doing something that got him in trouble in the first place. Unlike, the

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